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AVM is a digital marketing and media company. We help grow companies by using their resources to drive traffic to their website as well as location. Interactive content is our specialty by integrating virtual and augmented reality into the company’s marketing. We strive to make individualized content to reflect each company’s vision.  We began this company specifically to help market small, family-owned wineries around the world. As a result, we have found the incredible value interactive content adds to companies across many industries. 

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The Team

Rob albright


Rob, along with his wife, started his own tech firm in 2009 in which helps companies’ offices become more efficient by managing documents, tasks and overall processes while streamlining the customer experience as well. His passion for expanding and helping businesses grow has led him to AVM.

keith spreckels jr.


With over 10+ years in the food and beverage industry, Keith has experience in tasting and studying thousands of different wines from all over the world. He has been blessed with two children and a loving wife who have encouraged his wine obsession.

kelly flowers


Kelly comes from a background in marketing and international business. From helping grow international trade associations to opening a small business with family has led her to finding the right fit within the Aquam Vinos family – the perfect mix of wine and innovation. 

blair kocher


With a background in sales and a passion for wine, Blair has been fascinated by the wine industry since his first sip. Blair brings a unique business background with a vigor for learning. His wife and son love hearing about the latest and the greatest in the import industry and offer nothing but continued support.